2021 Interior Design Trends

The New Year is upon us. And with it are the new 2021 interior design trends.

The last year has been challenging for many people across the globe. Feeling happy in your home has never been more important. Which is why DIY home improvements are the top of many people’s list. So, what can we expect for the 2021 interior design trends? Keep reading to find out!

The Top Five

  1. Grey and white

2021 may be the year that grey and white interior styles become less popular. They are trends that have consumed the world of interior design over the last few years. This year we may be set to see the return of colour.

For those looking to jazz up their all-white homes without adding drastic bright colours, accessories will become your new best friend. Trade in your current cushions, art and décor with a combination of soft patterns and textures.

  1. Statement walls

Say goodbye to that one bright coloured wall in the lounge or bedroom. Many interior designers comment that statement walls can be distracting and almost childlike to a home. 2021 interior design trends are clearly set to shock the system!

  1. Wallpaper

Talking about statement walls, wallpaper is making a comeback. Back in the early 2000’s, wallpaper options were drab and dreary. However, options now stretch far and wide that include stunning designs and colours for any interior style.

Take a look at these beautiful cloakroom bathrooms which feature bespoke wallpaper designs…

  1. Green kitchens

Green kitchens have taken the interior design world by storm. What was once an incredibly hard colour to source is now available in most, if not all, main kitchen suppliers. Why? We believe it’s due to the faultless look and finish it gives. Green is an earth colour that compliments both wood and marble perfectly.

Can’t afford a new kitchen? Paint your current cupboards! This DIY trick is becoming more popular and saving homeowners thousands of pounds.

  1. Herringbone floor

This is arguable a trend that has always been popular. However it has recently seen a huge increase in sales in the last year and set to continue throughout 2021. A stunning layout which transforms wooden floor.

We look forward to guiding you through interior styles throughout the next 12 months. Keep up to date with company news and projects on our socials.

We wish you all a very happy new year – it’s the year to love your home.

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