4 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Back to School

The U.K. returns back to school tomorrow – is your home ready?

It’s the night before the return to school. Uniforms are prepped, bags are packed and the house is all in order for the first day – or is it?

School life has changed enormously over the last year due to the pandemic. Parents have become home schoolers for the first time and others will return to the classroom. However you’re schooling tomorrow, it’s important to ensure your home is ready.

Follow this last-minute checklist for guidance on returning to school…

1. Organise your hallway

Your hallway is the last point of call when you leave for school. It’s the area where bags are dumped and things are lost – which is not ideal the next morning.

Instead of searching frantically for that missing glove or sports bag, organise the area with pegs, shelves and hooks. Get creative by using name stickers to assign areas to your kids.

2. Organise the cupboards

We know what you’re thinking, this sounds like a mammoth task. But it’s one that would enormously pay off when it’s 7.30am and there are mouths to feed. An untidy pantry can slow your morning routine down as well as your evening one. Finding exactly what you need when you need it will make all the difference.

3. The bedroom

Before school starts, a big bedroom tidy-up is in order. Prep for the winter months by clearing out the summer wardrobe making space for coats and boots. Playtime hours are about to dramatically decrease as it’s time for maths and English homework instead. Make space in their bedroom by adding a small desk whilst keeping their space fun and fresh. A repaint is a great, easy way to transform a kid’s bedroom.

Take a look at our Nightingale Quarter kid’s bedroom in our showhome for inspiration!

4. Online prep

The world has switched to digital, whether you like it or not. The pandemic has forced employers and schools to create virtual workspaces to discuss ideas, teach and create. Plan ahead and download your software now. Create logins so your children are all set to get started straight away as they get back to school.

Are you thinking of moving house?

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