5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

The annual spring cleaning event is approaching – and fast!

Spring cleaning your home is the perfect way to freshen up your interior. It’s also the ideal time to let go of items you simply no longer need. In fact, decluttering your home is proven to reduce stress and increase self-esteem – something we could all do with during these unprecedented times.

With the recent news that life is expected to return to normality in Summer, the race is on to prep your home for visitors. Spring cleaning doesn’t need to feel like a daunting task. All you need is time, a few empty boxes and copious amounts of tea.

These top tips will also help…

Start by making three piles; keep, sell and chuck. Just make sure your sell pile doesn’t get too much! It’s time to be ruthless to make some space in your home

1. Throw it out

As humans, we are programmed to love to hoard. We collect bits and pieces throughout the year that are left forgotten collecting dust. Spring is the ideal time to organise what to keep and what to give away to charity. You could even sell a few items and make a pretty penny.

Start by making three piles; keep, sell and chuck. Just make sure your sell pile doesn’t get too much! It’s time to be ruthless to make some space in your home

2. De-dust

The second step in spring cleaning your home is dusting off. Start high up and work your way down to all the hidden nooks and crannies in the home. This should always be your first step as it’s easier to keep on top of once you really start.

Dust accumulates in the house year-round, but especially over winter when windows are shut tight. You’ll be surprised what some fresh air and elbow grease can do for you home.

3. Go Green

Now for the real cleaning. More and more people are switching to natural ingredients to clean their home. Chemicals can be terrible for the environment and your home. A steam cleaner uses only water vapour and can get even the toughest of stains from floors.

Another environmentally friendly recipe is lemon and water. Leave it to sit and simply wipe it away.

4. Deep Clean

There are a number of rooms in the home that take priority position to spring clean. They are as follows:

The kitchen – In particular your oven or gas stove. They collect grease throughout the year and need to be thoroughly dealt with this time of year.

The bathroom – this needs no explanation, surely?

Carpets – If your carpets are not regularly seen to they can begin to smell. As we finally welcome guests into our homes once more it’s essential to get these cleaned and prepped.

4. Interior

Finally, the last tip on the list is the fun one. Switching up the interior décor in your house gives a fresh new feel to any home. It’s time we step into more sunnier and happier months and leave winter behind, for a while.

Add fresh greens and blush pinks into your home through cushions, throws and flowers. You’ll be surprised what this can do not only your home but also your mind.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our spring cleaning top tips!

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