Apartment Vs. House: As a First-Time Home Buyer

What to buy as a first-time home buyer is a question that many face at the beginning of the process. The simple answer is to weigh up which property type is best for your and your lifestyle. Many factors can come into this such as job, finance and location.

There are pros and cons to both apartments and houses. To decide which is best for you, we’ve compiled some information to help.

House or apartment?


City centre homes usually comprise apartment buildings. If you work in the city centre then an apartment will be the cheaper and more suitable option in regards to commute.


The cost between freehold (where you own the property and the land it sits on) and leasehold (where you own the property only) is minimal. However, you are responsible for all maintenance costs if you own a house as well as being typically more expensive.


Neighbours can be a big factor to people. A house is generally larger than an apartment which allows more for privacy and better sound insulation.


On average, sole occupiers feel safer in an apartment due to the multiple access doors on the building. Many apartment buildings also offer a concierge service.


A garden is one of the main differences between a house and apartment. If you’re green fingered then an apartment most likely wouldn’t be for you.

Return of investment

If investing your money is your goal as first-time home buyer, there are a few factors to consider.

A house is typically easier to carry out restoration works rather than an apartment. However, an apartment is generally cheaper to buy. There is also a larger rental market for flats which could mean a more regular income.

Apartments pros and cons
Houses pros and cons

Wavensmere Homes

As property developer, we cater to first-time home buyers with the offering of apartments and houses in multiple locations.

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