An Autumn Home – 9 Ways to Prep

This week we welcomed autumn.

A new season where days get shorter and temperatures start to drop. Trees change their colours and a well-known coffee chain releases its infamous Pumpkin Spiced Latte. But is your house prepared?

Autumn is a season of such change that its time to say goodbye to the cool hues of summer interiors and hello to more warm, cosy textures. This period of seasonal change lasts from September 22nd 2020 until 21st December 2020, when winter freezes over the nation.

But until then, autumn gives the perfect opportunity to switch things up in your home. You can completely transform rooms with simple tricks like new blankets, cushions and art. These autumn ideas will have your home feeling ready in no time.

Let’s begin

  1. Make an entrance

Autumn starts at the door. Get creative with wreath making or treat yourself to a stunning colourful garland. Combine pinecones with berries and rich red leaves to give you, and your guests, a warm feeling from the get go. They make the perfect accessories this autumn.

  1. Get Organised

Once you’re through the door, you need somewhere to kick off the wellies. Organise your cloak room by putting away the summer clobber and having space to hang your coat. Other ways to organise are in the kitchen. If you enjoy to cook autumn favourites like pumpkin pie or hearty stews, your season cupboard needs a spring clean for easy access.

  1. Wrap Up

Wrapping up in a snug blanket is autumn 101. Thick cable knits are ideal as sofa throws and blankets as well as offering style to a room. All that’s left is to turn on your fire and put your feet up.

  1. Smells

We all love Christmas scented candles. But let’s not ignore autumn. Potpourri is the ideal way to scent your home with cinnamon sticks, star anise, cloves and citrus. Create atmosphere with new large pillar candles and a few dotted tea lights that light your home when nights get dark.

  1. Autumn Hues

Choose autumnal-themed furnishings like velvet cushions and lampshades to create a soothing ambiance. Instead of buying whole cushions, invest in covers which can be easily packed away when the season changes again.

  1. Let there be light

Other ways to light up you house is of course, outside. Garden lighting is essential for when days get darker and the outside looks dreary. There’s a huge variety of garden lighting to choose from. From fairy lights, to wall lights or even garden lanterns. Add in a garden heater or log burner for the ultimate chilly night comfort.  

The serious 3

  1. Declutter the gutter

Autumn means leaves. And a lot of them. Ensure you have checked your gutter before this happens to prevent any blockages and unwanted costs. Flooding can be a big during the winter months – so get the ladder out and have a peak (safely!).

  1. Test the alarms

Autumn is the month we start to turn on the heating. Whether you get warm by the fire or depend on central heating, it’s so important to check your alarms are working properly.

  1. Are you efficient?

UK homes lose 25-30% of heat during winter through factors like leaks and drafts in windows and doors. Have them checked or run a lighted candle around the edge – if the flame flickers, you’ve most likely got a draft.

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An Autumn Interior – Crocketts Lane

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