Birmingham’s Our Future City Plan

By Birmingham City Council

For the last 30 years, Birmingham has undergone huge transformation that has secured its status in being one of the largest growing city economies in the UK. Regeneration and growth have been at the forefront of plans ensuring the creation of thousands of jobs, improved transport links and public spaces.

Ian Ward, Leader for Birmingham City Council, says ‘We are a city with a wealth of knowledge, skills and creative potential in our communities to ensure once again, we will be at the forefront of finding and delivering solutions to the major social, environmental and economic challenges we face.’

A demand for new homes has been priority which has spurred a new vision and strategy for innovative investment. It’s never been more important to meet the diverse needs of the city yet guaranteeing green, clean spaces for communities to enjoy.

Here are just a few key projects happening in Birmingham over the next few years.


Smithfield will be a mixed-use development covering over 14 hectares of space. It will include a new area for the city’s historic markets, a new public square, a new primary school and over 2,000 new homes with a park at the centre.

The Commonwealth Games 2022

Birmingham has won the bid to host The Commonwealth Games in 2022 at the Alexander Stadium in Perry Barr. Expansion plans to almost quadruple the site. Perry the Bull has just recently been announced as the new mascot for the games.

An artist’s impression of the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham by Birmingham City Council

Curzon Enterprise Zone

The Curzon Street Masterplan will be home to the HS2 Curzon Street Station, near Digbeth. Its plans will create 36,000 new jobs, 4,000 new homes and 600,000 square meters of commercial development.

River Valley Urban Quarter

The River Valley Urban Quarter is in the next phase of Birmingham’s Big City Plan, which was unveiled back in 2010. The River Rea will be a central feature of regeneration centred around China Town and Digbeth. It will host multiple attractions such as cafes, shops and bars with residential space above.5,000 new homes are expected to be planned.

CGI representation of River Valley Urban Quarter by Birmingham City Centre

City of Nature

Although Birmingham as whole has a significant amount of green space, there are gaps that the council are motivated to fill. They seek to put nature back in the heart of the city through planting trees, creating cycle routes and ensuring rooftops are green havens for residentants Here is a video from Birmingham City Council about the program.

Wavensmere Homes

Birmingham is our home. We are based near the city centre in Edgbaston and so its future is extremely important to us. We focus on the regeneration of Birmingham areas such as Smethwick and Digbeth with developments such as Crocketts Lane and The Forge.

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