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What kitchen appliances should I buy?

Kitchen appliances. Just as you thought the hard part was over of buying a new home, you now need to fill it. But before the panic buying starts it’s worth doing some research. Reading this article is a good start.

Choosing the right kitchen appliances to suit your home is key. The kitchen in particular is the hub of the home. The place you cook, eat and entertain. It’s the heart of every home which is vital to get right. However, like many first-time buyers, you may find yourself in state of confusion on what to buy.

Let’s break it down…


Advantages of both are listed here.

Freestanding i.e. American style

  • Bigger
  • Easier to move around

Integrated i.e. invisible

  • More stylish as they can be hidden behind cupboard doors
  • Smaller so do not take up too much room

Choosing between the two entirely depends on your style of kitchen and personal taste. For modern kitchen décor, integrated fridge-freezers look smarter. Price is also a big factor for these types of appliances. Whilst some integrated and freestanding fridges can be cheap, big brands can set you back big time.

Washing Machine

Words like ‘drum’ and ‘spin’ will become staple terms in your vocabulary now you have your own home.


The drum size is the capacity. Do you live alone or are you a family of four? Under or overloading your washing machine can have a bump on your energy bills. So, choose a drum size right for your household.


Spin refers to how fast your washing machine spins your laundry after the wash cycle. The faster the speed the more expensive and noisier it can be.

Similarly, to fridge-freezers, these appliances can be integrated to create a more stylish area. Opt for a washing machine that can cut your energy and water bills by judging the size of your washing load. Welcome to the 20th century hey?


A staple piece in the kitchen. Why? Because they can cut energy bills as well as time (and patience). Some advantages below…

  • More hygienic with hotter water for longer
  • New models can use less water
  • Saves time (up to 16 hours PER MONTH)

As with all appliances we’ve listed, microwaves can be integrated too. And another staple appliance for first time buyers.

Freestanding microwaves can thankfully be hidden away when not in use to keep your kitchen looking clean and tidy. A general rule of thumb with these appliances? The higher the wattage the bigger the price tag.

If short on space, a multi-purpose microwave may be more suitable as they can double as ovens, toasters and more.

As first-time buyers, cash is not indispensable. Keep your eyes pealed for great savings around Black Friday and Christmas to bag yourself a bargain.

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