Grey Interior Décor

Grey interior rose to fame back in 2009.

Grey interior is a style that is arguably classic in nature but a popular interior trend none the less. When styled right, it can look chic, modern and cool. However, done incorrectly and it can look dark, dreary and dull.

What is grey?

Grey is in fact a very unique colour. It lies halfway between black and white so compliments nearly every other colour or palette. This is what makes it so versatile for interior design. Grey can create a warm atmosphere just as easy as cool purely from which colour it is paired with. Did you know it was originally the colour of undyed wool and so considered the colour of the poor?

How to nail grey every time

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when styling grey. Balance, texture and colour all weigh in on ensuring the success of a great interior.

  1. Balance

Grey has a multitude of shades. This is why creating a balance of different hues is so vital. Avoid using the same shade of grey throughout the room by selecting three or four different levels. Charcoal grey has become increasingly popular to achieve a rich, bold and striking interior style. This, balanced with lighter tones of grey make the perfect match.

  1. Texture

Cool greys often have hints of blue or green. Which is why wood compliments this interior style so well. Both elements are versatile which makes them an ideal match. Fill the room with shaggy rugs and straw storage baskets to create a truly relaxing living room scheme.

  1. Colour

Adding a pop of colour of usually necessary with grey interior. Without a different shade, the room can look dull  and uninspiring. Depending on whether you’re warming it up or cooling it down, here are some ways to help bring your room to life…

  • Art

Adding bright prints can turn any room from zero to hero.

  • Accessories

Lighting is an easy way to add colour to your home. Colourful floor lamps and lamp shades can add that subtle pop of colour your room needs.

  • Furniture

A statement sofa has become the rage in the past few years. Gorgeous teal or plumb velvet sofas soften grey interiors with perfection.

A grey colour scheme can be warm, inviting yet stylish. Will you stick with the trend?

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