Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching. It’s time to pull out the cobwebs and get your home ready to spook.

The holiday will be spent a little differently this year. There may be no kids’ parties or trick or treating but that doesn’t mean the holiday is cancelled. If you have young children who love nothing more than dressing up as a ghost or princess, offer some normality by decorating your home.

Decorating your home can be unnecessarily expensive. But here are 5 simple ideas to keep the tradition alive for less.

Door Accessories

Although visitors may be sparce this year, you can still get creative with decorating the door. From large black and orange wreaths to spooky signs, there are so many options to achieve a Halloween look.

  • Wreaths

DIY wreaths can be very cost effective. Adding black feathers, fairy lights and even twigs can look professionally bought.

  • Door signs

Other that pumpkins, door signs offer the perfect Halloween décor to your home. Watch by passers smile at the effort and sense of normality you’ve created for the kids.


Halloween inspired treats are the ideal solution to any DIY spook fest. Put on a spread full of your family’s favourites with a scary twist. Here’s some options…

  • Black cupcakes
  • Vampire gingerbreads
  • Halloween punch
  • Blood splattered Oreos


Who needs a street to trick or treat this year? Hold your very own treasure hunt for the children to enjoy. Hide their favourite sweets throughout the house adding trivia to make it harder!

Arts and Crafts

The creative part. Options are never ending with arts and crafts for Halloween.

  • Pumpkin pipe cleaners
  • Ghost garlands
  • Hanging paper bats

Staircase Décor

Staircases create the perfect focal point for any holiday. For Christmas, green wreaths and fairy lights are usually added. For Halloween? Go wild with creepy wall stickers, cobwebs and candles (artificial with children around). This stunning staircase belongs to a home in The Convent. Can you imagine how fantastic this would look in Halloween attire?

The Convent Staircase

We hope you’ve enjoyed our spooky décor inspiration ideas! We post something interior related every Sunday so keep your eye out.

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