Homeowners Permitted to Add Two Extra Floors to their Houses

Permitted Development rights will be extended to enable homeowners in England to add two extra floors to their properties without needing full planning permission.

Under the new laws that are set to come into effect by September, homeowners who are eager to build upwards on their properties can apply through a fast-track approval service.

The government says it will mean redundant space can be quickly re-purposed to revive high streets and town centres.

The changes that were laid out in parliament this week will restrict the powers of local councils to prevent developments from going ahead.

However, the government insist developers will still have to consider the impact on neighbours, the appearance of the extension and fully comply with building regulations.

The announcement comes less than a month after the Prime Ministers promise to “build, build, build” as part of his post-coronavirus recovery plan for the UK.

He detailed how new regulations will make it easier to build better homes where people want to live.

They are set to be to most radical reforms to our planning system since the Second World War.

Some of the other changes will include; a wider range of commercial buildings will be allowed to change to residential use without the need for a planning application and builders will no longer need a normal planning application to demolish and rebuild vacant and redundant residential and commercial building if they are rebuilt as homes.

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