Kids Bedroom Design – What to Do

Is it time to spruce up your kid’s bedroom?

Your kid’s bedroom is their sanctuary. Their safe place to play, learn and sleep. If your child’s room is due an upgrade it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Children go through phases of being totally obsessed with something one day and the next? They hate it. So, it’s best practice to not overdo a theme.

Follow these simple top tips to ensure your kid’s bedroom is also inspiring and easily changed.

  1. Storage

Typically, children’s bedrooms lack space, so creating clever storage solutions is high on the list. Storage can offer a never-ending supply of creativity to add colour, texture and theme in the room. Select furnishings that include multiple drawers, shelves and pockets to ensure every toy has a home. Here’s a list below…

  • Shoe organiser which hangs from the door and the perfect place to keep all those cuddly toys
  • Classic cube shelves
  • Under the bed drawers
  • Wicker baskets
  • Multi-use furniture (a chair which doubles as a toy chest)
  1. Upcycle

Upcycling is by far the most cost-efficient way to transform your kid’s bedrooms. With just a lick of new paint and colour it can have their room styled in no time. Get creative, paint hands and have fun.

  1. Forage

No, not for berries. On your next adventurous walk with the family look out for large sticks or twigs. Bring them home and create funky décor such as twig frames and art. A great way to spend winter weekends.

Source: Pinterest
  1. Art

Spend an afternoon creating art to hang around their rooms. Make 3D word art with cardboard and frame the masterpieces ready to hang on the wall. Gallery walls are a great way to brighten up a white bedroom and show off your child’s fab art.

  1. Paint effects

Experiment with paint and patterns by creating colourful wall murals. Think geometric, circular or even animal art. Masking tape and spirit levels will be your new best friend.

  1. Wall and ceiling fun

Do you see all that empty space on the ceiling? Make use of it by hanging art or even more storage solutions to the room. Wall stickers also offer heaps of fun and colour that is easily taken off with minimal marks.

Source: Pinterest

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