New Homes to get ‘Automatic’ Planning Permission

The housing secretary has announced that new homes will potentially get automatic planning permission approval to speed-up building in England.

Robert Jenrick detailed that a “permission in principle” will be given to developments on land designated “for renewal” to speed-up the building process.

The new rules will fall under three categories:

Land for growth – allowing new homes and GP surgeries to be built automatically, providing the local council has ruled there is a need for it.

Renewal areas – mainly existing urban plots, will see their plans fast tracked with “permission in principle” rules enabling many high streets to regenerate and allow the development of new housing.

Protected land – green belt areas and areas of national beauty will be protected from new development.

Properties will still have to meet building regulations and health and safety standards.

The housing secretary insisted the change is to cut red tape not standards and allow for good quality, attractive and affordable homes to be built faster.

This comes after Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, pledged £5bn to “build, build, build” as part of his post-coronavirus recovery plan for the UK.

It was announced last week that permitted developments rights will be extended to enable homeowners in England to add two extra floors to their properties without needing full planning permission.

Under the new laws, that are set to come into effect by next month, homeowners who are eager to build upwards on their properties can apply through a fast-track approval service.

The radical reforms to the planning system aim to get Britain building and drive its economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic.

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