Tips On How to Landscape Your Garden

Looking to landscape your garden?

With travel restrictions in place for the foreseeable, it’s the ideal time to focus on ways to landscape your garden. The British summer has arrived late but, better late than never, hey?

Many people fear the size of their garden means it’s unable to be landscaped. No matter what its size, a garden can be totally transformed with the right plant, patio and lighting.

Let’s begin…

  1. Tidy up

A big tidy up is needed first and foremost. Take out all the unneccasary items such as old planters, dead trees/bushes and furniture. Once you have a blank canvas, the process will be easier.

2. Plan

Think about what is most important to you to have in your garden. Is grass high priority? Or could you live without it to make room for a larger seating area? Make a list in order of priority and start there.

3. Aesthetics

The aesthetics of a landscaped garden is essential. It’s all about balance and proportion. Select the right hues to bring colour out of the natural surrounding like nudes and earth tones. Take a look at the below for inspiration on how to succeed in proportion planning…

Source: Ideal Home

4. Wall décor

Do you live in terraced home abundant with brick walls in the garden? Spruce them up with outdoor mirrors and lanterns to give the impression of a larger area. This also works in bringing pops of colour to the space.

5. Create a wall bar

A wall bar is the highlight of any landscaped garden. For those unaware, it’s a tiny pull down shelf that caters to all your cocktail needs. See below for major inspo.

6. Hanging chairs

Additionally, hanging chairs are also great space savers. As well as very aesthetically pleasing and comfy…

7. Levels

Adding levels to your garden can really emphasise space. Different levels are a huge landscaping tip and one not to be ignored. Funk them up with brickwork or panelling.

To end

And here we have it! A fantastic little list of ways to landscape your garden, no matter what its size.

Take a look at our fantastic show home at Nightingale Quarter for more inspo.

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