Working From Home (WFH) – Top Tips

How to create the ideal working from home office

Working from home is now the new norm. COVID-19 guidance once again advises for the majority to stay home to work, if they can. If this sounds like you and you’re struggling to find space or motivation to adjust to this new working way, keep reading.

So long as you have a table and a chair, you don’t need a separate office or study. There are many ways to jazz up your dining table, kitchen island or makeshift desk to ensure you feel in the zone.

Let’s begin…

1. Select your workspace

Argued the most important factor when working from home. Unfortunately, the bed should never be an option. Opt for a surface like dining table or kitchen island to set up camp. These options, if you have them, offer space and natural light which will aid motivation.

If you live in a smaller space it would be a good idea to buy a compact desk. Find a wall near a window

Get creative! Does your home have any wasted space that can be transformed? Under the stairs usually offer an abundance of storage that could be cleared and altered into a desk area. Even the smallest of spaces…

 working from home desk
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2. Electricals

Like many things in life, organisation is key to success. Avoid being snowed under with wiring and electrical faults whilst being live on a zoom call. Ways to do this include…

  • Invest in some noise cancelling headphones to block your neighbours building work
  • Ensure you have strong WiFi
  • Don’t charge electrical items on beds. Always charge on a hard, flat, non-flammable surface.
  • Be careful not to tangle wires or electrical leads – this can be a huge hazard in your home.
3. Accessories

Here’s the fun part. As a designer of your own workspace, your imagination can run wild. Design your workspace to suit your work ethic. If you’re a visual learner then fill your wall with a large calendar. If you’re someone who requires a calm, relaxing environments to concentrate then go for as many house plants as your heart desires – it’s your own house after all!

Your home workspace needs to keep you motivated and organised. Here’s a list of top accessories.

  • A physical calendar
  • A wall clock
  • Cord organisers
  • Supportive chair
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard
  • Artwork
4. Routine

Lastly, keeping routine is vital to working from home successfully. Study’s show that those working from home tend to start work earlier than they would in the office and thus feel more productive getting more done. Mini breaks from the screen are always advises whether you’re in the office or at home. Stick to your usual lunch and ensure you have water on hand.

Need a new home?

If you’re someone who is after an extra room in the house to call a study, we have the ideal home for you. Check out Ghyll House Farm for unlimited amount of space in the home. With opportunities to build an outer house to really feel like a separate place to where you sleep. Working from home has never looked to easy at Ghyll House Farm. Here is a study room in one of the properties that’s currently on the market.

home study
Ghyll House Farm – Home Office
Other options…

Our city centre apartments in Digbeth offer the ideal solution to keeping the city centre life style you miss from work. With our luxury two-bedroom options, transform the second bedroom into a fully functioning private office. The Forge is located close by to The Custard Factory, Digbeth Dining Club and so much more.

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