Interior Design Styles

What are the different interior design styles?

Wavensmere Homes value the importance of interior design and quality when developing homes. We put our heart and soul in each site and development to create different interior design styles to suit each individual plot. Which is why we are launching weekly interior design inspiration articles to help you style your perfect Wavensmere Home.

This article will guide you through a few different interior design styles that are affordable, unique and will turn your house into the home you desire. Can you spot any of these styles in our homes?

  1. Farmhouse

Farmhouse interior combines cosy aesthetics with modern sleek details. It’s the interior design style that screams warmth. Think log fire on a cold winter’s day. Farmhouse style incorporates many natural characteristics including wooden beams and warm orange hues. Originally, farmhouses were designed for practicality reasons. Using whatever was on hand to build cottages. These may include hay, logs, animal feathers and stone. They were built sturdy and long-lasting, like all houses should be. We incorporated this style in our Ghyll House Farm properties to suit its natural, stunning surroundings of rolling hills and river valleys. Check it out here.

  1. Urban Modern

Urban modern. A sleek style for a city high roller. This interior style originates from the cosmopolitan influence of loft conversions, open plan living and contemporary design. Always on trend, urban modern oozes glamorous city life but with the comfort of a homely feel. It’s goal for a space is to be an oasis among a concrete jungle. Think bright, airy spaces with high ceilings and calming hues. Our Crocketts Lane apartments are a perfect example of where we combine city living with urban modern interior designs. Take a look here.

  1. Industrial

The industrial look has remained one of the most popular and timeless styles in the world of interior design. It would almost be a sin to call it a trend as it’s more a lifestyle choice that defines a personality. Its history goes back 40 years ago when developers and architects saw an opportunity to create something the world had not yet seen. Abandoned warehouses, schools and hospitals were transformed into modern homes. Similarly, to farmhouse, the industrial look used solid materials to suit its surroundings. Things like metal, wood and brick were transformed into lights, furniture and fittings. Metal components are a vital element to achieve this cool look using metallic hues that are softened by complimentary textures and colours.

  1. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian interior design style has become increasingly more popular and we can really see why. Originating from the countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, this interior design has achieved global success. It’s eye-popping, cool and sophisticated. And we’re not just talking about IKEA style. The main elements of the Scandinavian style are minimal and functional but without losing the sheer beauty of a room. Nature is a big factor with this interior style by collaborating natural wood with warm textures like knit and faux fur alike. Which makes the upmost sense when the Scandinavian winter hits lows of -3°. Typically, the Scandinavian interior colours include soft pinks, creams and browns but with a pop of colour such as house plants, cushions or art.

  1. Bohemian

Lastly, the bohemian interior style is for those that love colour, texture and nature. The bohemian style layers all of these components to achieve an ubercool space where your thoughts can run away. The word “bohemian” is actually defined as “artistic people who live in an unconventional way”. So why is this style so popular? Bohemian challenges the imagination to create something that’s fun but relaxing all at the same time. It’s about what can work as oppose to what can’t. Textures are a huge element to nailing this style with shabby chic floor décor and Persian rugs. Rich, earth colours are what to aim for with this style but paired with soft creams and brown to bring it all together.

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