Strutt House January 2022 Update

A great start to the year visiting Strutt House at Nightingale Quarter.

Each month, we send an update to all our fantastic buyers which you can read below.

A note from our Construction Director, Craig…

Dear Customer

In the interests of keeping you up to date with the progress being made at Strutt House on our development at Nightingale Quarter, Derby, please find below a construction update as of 11th January 2022.  

Works at Strutt House continue to progress well and in line with the key programmed dates. 

Construction works to the steel frame of the building are progressing through the third floor which is planned to be completed early next week.  Works will then progress onto the fourth and final floor and subsequently the roof.  The steel frame contractor has had a few delays as a result of high winds over the past month, which means that they are planning to be completed by mid-Feb.  This will have no effect on the overall completion date of the apartment block. 

Windows continue to be installed following a safe distance behind the steel frame contractor.  The brickwork to the lower floors has now started and will continue to progress up through the apartment block over the next few months and should be completed by mid-spring 2022. 

Once the steel frame contractor has completed their works in the next 5 – 6 weeks, we will be in a position to make the roof of Strutt House watertight and begin such works as plastering and other internal operations.  Until then, the site team are continuing with the containment works and preparation works internally to facilitate a strong start on the internal fit-out once the roof covering is on. 

Regular progress meetings continue to be attended and chaired by ourselves and include architects, designers, health and safety advisors and structural engineers with a view to ensure a close working relationship is being maintained throughout the project. 

I trust that you will find the above information informative and we will update you further of progress and planned works in due course.    

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