Crocketts Lane – An Exciting Story of Chapters

Four miles west of Birmingham city centre, you’ll find Crocketts Lane, a collection of properties for all buyers, families and first-time buyers included. Occasionally, we work on a project that becomes a labour of love, a development that sinks into the pores and becomes part of the fabric of life. This is how we would describe Crocketts Lane.

Effectively, this project started as it meant to go on. The local landowners from whom we purchased the land saw the benefits of restoring the old school on the site and to build around it, creating a community.

Many local people attended the school and so enjoyed visiting the renovated building to see what had become of it. The 55 apartments in the school are all sold and are now homes, meaning that the building is one again bristling full of life.

This development attracted attention from beyond the locality too and we’re proud that Crocketts Lane has placed Smethwick on the map. And why wouldn’t it? It’s a community that’s still growing, with new build properties expected to come on line in the coming months. The recently opened show home that overlooks the still waters of the lake and the beautiful greenery of Victoria Park is attracting a lot of attention.

Crocketts Lane is a beautiful place with a mix of the old sitting comfortably alongside the new. It also boasts a location that is second to none. Six short minutes on the train and you’re in Birmingham. Big brands are relocating to Birmingham, with large civil engineering projects also pulling in people. Nearly half of buyers are from London, looking to take advantage of both the price and quality of the properties on offer. For the price of a one-bedroom city centre apartment, you could enjoy a larger property a mere three miles outside of Birmingham.

When completed, the Crocketts Lane community will boast 178 apartments and four different styles of house. In other words, there’s something for every buyer here. This is a multiphase project and it is the many chapters to this story that makes Crocketts Lane a standout project for Wavensmere.

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