Success in Lichfield – Beatrice Court Homes Sold within Weeks of Completion

There is a romance in reclaiming properties and, by using modern-day construction and renovation techniques, making them into something new. This is essentially what happened at Beatrice Court, a beautiful collection of renovated properties just north of Birmingham.

The success story has many components, not least its location, Lichfield being a city full of history. Its three-spired cathedral, built in the Middle Ages, continues to dominate the skyline and still bears the scars of Henry VIIIs Reformation. Arguably the biggest impact on the city was the Industrial Revolution of 1837, which brought the railway.

In fact, it is this close connection with the train that places Lichfield at the top of the list for the Midlands commuter in the 21st century. It’s two train stations connect to Birmingham New Street in a little over half an hour and to the capital in just shy of two hours.

Location is just one component of success, however, with the other being the attractiveness of the development. Beatrice Court is a collection of individually designed, modern one- and two-bedroom apartments. The stunning Grade II listed façade of the building remains and the interiors have been lovingly and passionately restored to retain the beauty that this old building offers.

We didn’t compromise on this renovation project, just like we don’t compromise on any other of our construction projects. The high quality of the finish is immediately obvious and so too is the interior renovation. We work with crafts and tradespeople who understand the beauty that an old building offers, quirks and all.

We knew this would be a popular development. We knew that anyone with a love of fusing the modern with the old would instantly fall in love with Beatrice Court. And that’s why by spring 2019, each of the 39 apartments at Beatrice Court was sold.

Offering contemporary living space in the warm embrace of an old, restored building, we’re not surprised Beatrice Court is such a popular development, and one that is a significant turning point for us too.

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