Derby Subcontractor Buys Plot

A subcontractor invests in Nightingale Quarter.

Miles & O’Donnell Brickwork Ltd, a bricklayer subcontractor working on Nightingale Quarter, has invested in a home on the development. Wavensmere Homes are delighted to provide high-quality homes to those that know the houses inside-out.

Local to Birmingham, Damien O’Donnell commented; “As soon as I saw the Nightingale Quarter plans, I was interested. I was impressed by the design and Wavensmere Homes style not only to the houses but to the development itself. For such central homes, they offer all the space someone would need.

We have been a subcontractor for Wavensmere Homes in the past on Crocketts Lane so I know the company well. After listening to MD James Dickens discuss the investment opportunities on social media, I knew it was the right development to invest in.”

Watch this video here.

Here at Wavensmere Homes, we pride ourselves on high-quality projects that last lifetimes. To learn that one of our own subcontractors reserved onsite, and off-plan, fills us with sureness that we are succeeding in our goal to build the best houses possible.

About Nightingale Quarter

Nightingale Quarter is our largest project to date. The award-winning development is also one of the largest city centre regeneration sites in the UK, covering more than 18.5 acres. The development has been sympathetically designed to incorporate the iconic Victorian “Pepper Pot” buildings, which will remain on site as a permanent reminder of the heritage of the development.

The 18.5-acre development will include nearly 800 city centre homes amid six acres of green open space, parkland and gardens. Nightingale Quarter gives purchasers the opportunity to enjoy all that the area has to offer across a wide variety of home choices, for both first-time buyers and families. This is something Mr. O’Donnell has identified and we are overjoyed he wants part of it.

According to the latest UK Powerhouse report, Derby is set to bounce back stronger than any other East Midlands city next year. It is the UK Capital for innovation and home to some of the world’s leading engineering, aerospace and nuclear employers. It is the ideal time to buy with investments expected to achieve over 7% rental yield.  

Phase One houses sold out earlier this year as residents are due to move in March 2021. Whilst Phase Two foundations and Block A piling are underway. It has been an incredibly exciting journey since work began late 2019, during what has been a very challenging year.

We look forward to the ongoing journey to completion and keeping our buyers updated on the progress.

If you have any questions about investing in Nightingale Quarter please get in touch here.

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