Searching for Land – Wavensmere Looking to Capitalise on Growing Success

As construction and renovation companies go, Wavensmere has an enviable reputation for achieving something difficult – fusing the old with the new within the confines of an old building.

Beatrice Court, a sold-out development of 39 apartments, showcases just what renovating an old property can provide. The Crocketts Lane site, a multiphase project that includes both renovation – the old school now houses 55 apartments – and new build, is bringing a mix of housing to local people.

With projects near to completion, the search is on for land for our next projects. Specifically, we are looking for space in the West Midlands, the East Midlands or the Black Country that could accommodate 500 units. The land can be empty and ripe for bespoke new builds or it may have old buildings already on it which could be renovated or converted to provide much-needed houses.

Everything we do is about quality, creating quality homes for all types of buyer. More importantly, we’re looking to create communities, spaces where local buyers and families can grow and enjoy everything that the Midlands has to offer.

We are always seeking new opportunities and are currently actively seeking land for future projects, the plans and designs of which are in the development phase. For more information, talk the Wavensmere team on 01564 781 453 or email [email protected]

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